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Okay, so about one month ago I stumbled across a coca-cola bottle with ‘Alison’ written on it. Beforehand I’d seen ‘Emily’ millions of times, but I’d never bought one because I always thought 'eh, it's a common name, I'll see it all the time'. Then when I found Alison (which is the least uncommon name between the two in Britain, I was surprised) so I immediately bought it and kept it until I found an Emily. Of course, as soon as I needed an Emily, I couldn’t find one. I almost gave up & threw the Ali bottle out yesterday, but today my dad came home from the shops with the Emily bottle saying: 
"Okay I know how obsessed you are with these lesbians so I saw this in the shop and I got it for you."
 Freaking finally. I love you dad.
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This would be sooo great! ugggh my feels! 🙌🙌😍
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well at least on one thing both emison and paily shippers can agree on: Shay Mitchell is fucking gorgeous 


i have decided to add this gif just to prove my point and also because i love it

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